Best Digital Pianos Under $1000

Under $1000 Buy It Now

Whether you are looking to buy your first digital piano or to upgrade your current set, a budget of $1000 can buy you some of the more nicer digital pianos out there on the market. After more than 165 hours of research and testing I’ve boiled down the best options currently available at this price point.


Casio PX-770

Best digital piano for under $1000 that also comes with a wooden cabinet

PX-770 Privia from Casio

Under $1000
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  • Excellent Sound
  • Grand Piano Experience
  • Built-in stereo speaker
  • Modern looking wooden cabinet with 3 available colors to choose from
  • Rather heavy and not that portable

When you are looking for a digital piano the Casio PX-770 is one of the best options as it comes with a wooden cabinet, has 3 pedals and is also prices under $1000.

The sound will offer you a grand piano experience without taking that kind of space.


Roland RP-102

A great option from Roland for under $1000

RP-102 from Roland

Under $1000
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Roland has long been on of the best manufacturers of pianos. The RP-102 is perfect model from their extensive line-up when it comes to a home digital piano with excellent sound.

  • 5 levels of touch sensitivity
  • Simulated Ivory Keys
  • Bluetooth Connectivity
  • No lesson function

This piano is better suited for someone who is looking for a digital piano that they can “feel” better and are looking for a sound comparable to that of an acoustic piano.


Yamaha P125

Best Digital Piano Under $1000 from Yahama

P125 from Yamaha

Under $1000
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Although we made this article for pianos under $1000 the Yamaha P125 in even cheaper. You can find just the piano for under $700 (click here to check just piano price) but the so called “home bundle” which includes the L125B stand and the BB1 wooden chair make this a very attractive offer for a beginner looking for a perfect home digital piano.

There are two available colors for the Yamaha P125: black and white. Both look fantastic in their own right. If you’d like a more classic look go for black and if you’re looking to stand out then white is the way to go.

  • Comes with stand and 3-pedal unit at this price-point (piano only is even cheaper)
  • GHS weighted action just like what you would get with an acoustic piano
  • USB connectivity
  • Slim, light and portable
We haven’t included any negative for this model because there simply aren’t any. Even on Amazon you can find this product with a full 5-star review with most of the “bad” review being due to external factors.

Korg LP-380

Best digital piano under $1000 from Korg

LP380 from Korg

Around $1000
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If you’re looking for great sound and a classic contemporary look for your digital piano then the LP380 model from Korn is the perfect option for you. There are 5 color selections to choose from which makes it one of the more “colorful” digital pianos under $1000 that we’ve reviewed.

  • Dynamic acoustic piano sounds
  • Three-pedal design
  • Partner Mode that divides the keyboard into left and right sections so that two people can play at the same time the same octaves
  • RH3 (Real Weighted Hammer Action 3)
  • Not that many downsides

Besides the black, white and red colors you can also opt in for a Rosewood finish or a very eye-catching two-tone finish of Vivid Red and Chic Black.


Casio PX-870

Another great option from Casio

PX-870 from Casio

Under $1000
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  • Excellent Sound
  • Great looking frame
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The PX-870 model from Casio is another great option when it comes to digital pianos price under or just above the $1000 mark.

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